“Repetition as a geopolitical mapping - non-sense with a sense of logic.“


Through my artistic praxis, with the word as my material, I have developed creative and analytical concepts that can be seen externally in my written, visual or auditory works of art, and internally through my psycho-physiological work.

In the long-term project, repair / REPAIR, which forms the philosophical method for my praxis, I work with and superimpose written, visual, and auditory symptoms/symbols from bodily processes and imbalances, with architectural structures, philosophical concepts, and sacred geometry, through artistic expressions.

The title repair / REPAIR refers to the dialectical idea that the concept of a word contains the answer to its own meaning/symptom. With this in mind, I looked for both the ambiguous as well as the etymological history of the word repair to find out possible meanings the word contains. Firstly, it means repairing something that has already been destroyed. Secondly, it means assembling something with something else. Thirdly, it could mean adding something back together or as something completely new - again.

Repetition, both unconscious and conscious, bodily as well as mental, physical symptoms and psychological symbols, is in this respect engaged as a tool for further investigation and possible meaning making.

Feel free to browse through my website and should you have any questions be welcome to contact me.

Best wishes,

Camilla Howalt


I was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1968 into a family of 5-10 people.
Here I took my primary and secondary education before endeavouring onto what should become a BA hons in Fine Art and a MA in Philosophy, Art Theory & Aesthetics in London, United Kingdom.

Due to various international work postings within my family, I traveled very early on to several locations in Africa, trips that have absolutely affected my view on life.

Later on, I went to America and large parts of Europe. I speak several languages, am curious about the world and other people, and as an adult have lived, educated myself, worked and had children abroad. Today I live in Malmö, with my two children, Oscar 18 and Selma 16.

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