I was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1968 into a family of 5-10 people.
Here I took my primary and secondary education before endeavouring onto what should become a BA hons in Fine Art and a MA in Philosophy, Art Theory & Aesthetics in London, United Kingdom.

Due to my father's various international work postings, I traveled very early on to several locations in Africa, trips that have absolutely affected my view on life. Later on, I went to America and large parts of Europe. I speak several languages, am curious about the world and other people, and as an adult have lived, educated myself, worked and had children abroad. Today I live in Malmö, with my two children, Oscar 18 and Selma 16.

Last year one of my kids was examined for and confirmed with autism and ADHD grade 2. This led the examining psychologist to recommend that I be examined myself. In the fall of 2021, I was diagnosed with ADHD grade 2 with tendencies toward autism. This has led to a radical understanding of myself and of how my life has behaved, both creatively and practically, but also in relation to both my children whom in different ways are of my psycho-physiology.


In my long-term project, repair / REPAIR, which forms the basis of my application for my praxis, I superimpose visual, auditory and written symptoms between bodily processes and imbalances, sound & sacred geometry, architectural structures, and philosophical concepts, into artistic expressions that form the basis of my way to understand ease / dis•ease.

The title repair / REPAIR refers to the dialectical within all imbalances, which early on was developed by examining the idea that the concept of disease contains the answer to its own symptoms. From there, I took as my starting point the ambiguous as well as the etymological in the word repair to find out the meanings the word contains. Firstly, it means repairing something that has already been destroyed. Secondly, putting something together with something else. Thirdly, as something completely new - again.

Repetition, both unconscious and conscious, bodily as well as mental, physical symptoms and psychic symbols, is in this respect engaged as a grip or means (through the effect of permission) for possible understanding and healing.

It is my intention, with creativity, discernment and philosophy / psychoanalysis as the next step in the study of a piece of work that began when I at the age of seven got Juvenile Arthritis, to establish an international platform that can help and accommodate other women (and men) with the desire to study and discover physical and mental imbalances. This includes those who according to science are described as pathological and chronic, which as well as shifting this belief in order to strengthen each our individual and subjective relationship to our bodies and minds, helps us to see and experiences ourselves as ‘subjects in process.

Psychoanalysis, which I thirty years ago included as an attempt to understand the connection between physical attacks from white blood cells with mental attacks via unconscious thoughts, has in my research for the last twenty-five years been the foundation that has kept this progressive dis•ease in check.

This has been possible with the help of a brave and skilled female psychoanalyst who - with her devotion and insight into the deeper psycho-physiological processes that have taken place in what within the analysis is described as 'psychological transference’ - has managed to be a container for that which created a fertile ground for such aggression.

To get here in my understanding of imbalance, I have developed creative and analytical concepts that can be seen externally in my visual, auditory and written works of art, and internally through my psycho-physiological work of understanding what it is that creates the breeding ground for autoimmune diseases which in my experience are not only individually founded but which can be traced back to the personal collective (family), as well as the broader collective environment (society).

There is a fundamental connection between being authentically present in life and being healthy. This does not mean that body and mind can not be affected by physical and mental challenges. These challenges are what makes us want to grow. This does mean that these challenges, symptoms, etc., be not pathologised and fossilized in relation to the sick / healthy dichotomy and are allowed to be guides in relation to the sincere in ourselves and that which we have each come into the world to share.

A body and a mind that behaves as autonomously as mine has and does, and which I believe is due to the experience of the psycho-physiological challenges my body and my mind experienced as young and still experiences, have been both very challenging and deeply enriching in terms of becoming a creative human being. On the other hand, it has been a longer journey for me to become a financially independent entrepreneur.

It is my hope - on behalf of young girls and women onto whom it should surpass to not have had support and backing in their younger years in terms of love and / of education, and to develop into financially independent individuals - that I myself, through my art & analysis can help youths my children's age and women or men similar to my own situation, who are in need of such support.


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