In the project repair / REPAIR, I juxtapose visual and written connections between architectural structures and bodily processes and imbalances, with philosophical concepts via artistic gestures.

The title developed by researching the etymology of and finding different meanings to the word repair, which on the one hand means repairing something that is already broken, on the other hand to put something together with something else, again or as something entirely new, anew.

REPETITION as a means to comprehension.

VISUAL work can be seen on Art Archive


Repetition as a geopolitical mapping - non-sense with a sense of logic.

Petroglyphs a sketch

In PETROGLYPHS, the inspiration was the formation of rock carvings cut into the Bornholm cliffs. Each cluster of carvings is supposedly reflecting an astrological constellation in the sky.

Instead of using the actual formations of individual groupings of petroglyphs, I instead took as my point of departure the city of Vang and its inhabitants which I clustered into an imaginary and para-daeziacal constellation relating each inhabitant and their families to the stars in the sky.

WHAT am I but working & experimenting with a variety of materials?

& to compose the idea of movement dot by dot, knot by knot, stitch by stitch, word by word, sound by sound.

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